28th February 2024

A Wonderful magical carpet ride was enjoyed by all…

Abanazar, an evil magician, discovered the secret to becoming Master of the Universe.
All he needed was an enchanted oil lamp, which had been hidden away for many years in a lost cave, only the ‘chosen one’ was allowed to set foot inside.

Meanwhile, times were tough for Aladdin, his mum Widow Twankey and his silly brother Wishee Washee. Aladdin dreamed of marrying the beautiful Princess Jasmine but her mother, The Empress of China, had other plans for her daughter to marry into fame and fortune. Did Aladdin’s dream of marrying Princess Jasmin actually come true?

Aladdin gets taken to the cave of wonders, where he discovered an enchanted lamp with magical powers that can make all his wishes come true.
Now that Aladdin had a genie for a friend, the evil Abanazar would stop at nothing to get the lamp!

Everyone was ready to boo, hiss and cheer as Aladdin found himself on the adventure of a lifetime! Packed with spectacular sets, sparkle and singalong songs, Powick Players’ magical pantomime was a firm family favourite and we can’t wait to see you at our next one!

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