Sleeping Beauty


Written by Liam Mellor


Produced and Directed by Jake Heaton


There is joy throughout Panto-land as Captain Odd-Job helps King Charles and Queen Rita celebrate

the birth of their daughter, the beautiful Princess Aurora.

Not everyone has been invited to the celebrations though, and furious at this ‘oversight’ Carabosse seeks her revenge

by placing a curse upon the fair child.


Thankfully Fairy Fabulous is close at hand to limit the harm. Whilst she cannot undo such a curse,

she is able soften it and allow our Princess to fall in to a deep slumber until awakened by Love’s True Kiss.


Eighteen years pass and our Princess is a young lady, loved by all, especially her best friend and protector Muddles.

But can he protect her from Carabosse and her evil minions Slimeball and Stinkywart?

Or will another, more Charming suitor, need to save the day?

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