Powick Players is a ‘not for profit’ community theatre group based in the village of Powick in Worcestershire and currently performing at Nunnery Wood High School.

The group has a host of talent, much of it local and many of whom have been in the group for quite some time. We welcome new members warmly and enjoy their input.

We are truly lucky to have a some great people at our disposal, not just the actors that you might have seen on stage but also the group of often unsung heroes who can create a beautiful Pirate outfit or work out how to turn the stage in to a Giants Castle.

While the group has staged many events over the years it is very true to say that we are best known for our annual Pantomime which takes place in the February half-term of each year. We always ensure that the script is good family fun for the audience, cast and crew alike.

We love the interaction of our audience, many of whom are friends, during performances but the rehearsals are also a very social event. There’s always time for a good cup of tea, a fantastic slice of cake and a catch-up. Sometimes something a little stronger!

As well as performances the group has a social side. We organise theatre trips both locally and to other cities as well as artistic jaunts and it’s true to say that many friendships have been forged over the years.

If any of that sounds of interest to you, we would love you to join us.

Committee Members

Mo Smith – Chairperson
Jake Heaton
Nicola Sandy
Jade Burton
Chris O’Brien
Louise Carter
Moyna Clark
Gee Sproul