Dick Whittington

and his cat


Written by Peter Denyer in association with NODA


Produced and Directed by Jake Heaton


Dick Whittington has headed to London to seek his fortune, with his ever faithful friend Tommy the cat.


He meets the Alderman Fitzwarren who takes him in, but the evil Rat Bag Lady ensures that all does not go well and our hero is cast out. Only Alice, the Alderman’s daughter, has faith in him.


The Alderman’s cook Sarah and her son Jack are also on-hand to keep the house in order and provide plenty of laughs.


Soon, ably assisted Captain Cuttle they set sail on the good ship Lollypop. Of course that Rat Bag Lady will do her best to make it a rough voyage.

Dick unknowingly has the help of one Fairy Bow-Bells but can she calm those troubled seas?


Will our intrepid crew ever reach dry land and will London be freed of those awful rats?


Join us on our spectacular adventure to find out.

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